© Göran Boson

p210lb11(1).jpg p210lb11(2).jpg P 21114 A 1961 Grip

The hauling company Expressbolaget in Helsingborg, Sweden, in 1962 bought four new pickups from Bildeve, they also situated in Helsingborg. This pickup was driven in the early morning, distributing dairy products. Later in the day it was used to transport all kind of loads. All four pickups in the fleet were commercial chassis with cabins from GRIP. This is one of two that has survived up today. The other one can be seen here.
In 1968 it was bought by blacksmith Oskar Andersson in Mjöhult. He drove 'til 1977 when the present owner got hold of it. He used it at his farm for ten years and then put it away. On Christmas day 1996 he started a thorough restoration which took four years and 1.000 working hours to complete. As the finishing touch he rescently got the plate that had been on this car used by working cars before. Every vehicle in working traffic had to have this sign. Very nice vehicle!

Published 2003-03-11

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