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p210lb12(2).jpg p210lb12(3).jpg p210lb12(x).jpg P 21114 A 1964

A most peculiar chassis. It is one of the earliest P 21114 chassis known regarding the chassisnumber, but the youngest according to the year of make. The car has earlier been presented as a Sala built pickup, but at a closer look, it couldn't be established that that was the fact. The cabin has similarities with a cabin from Sala but it has too many unsimilarieties to be called a Sala. One guess of who built the cabin is the Järbo coachbuilder. That can however not be verified. The doors are identical with ordinary PV doors except of the length and the rounded upper corner. Note the sun protector over the windshield. It is an original prolonging of the roof, not a later mounted after market device. One picture of the pickup is taken at a petrol station sometime around the 70;s.

Read more about the history and restoration of this car in the Swedish Volvo PV-club members magazine PV-Entusiasten #2 2007.

Published 2002-02-14

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