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p210lb21(11).jpg p210lb21(10).jpg p210lb21(14).jpg p210lb21(12).jpg p210lb21(9).jpg p210lb21(13).jpg P 21114 A 1962 Gladsax

The original frame was completed in November 13:th 1961 and it left the factory the 18:th of January 1962. The rolling chassis was bought by the Volvo dealer in Osby, Haraldsson in Osby AB. He had got an order from Osby Power station on a pickup especially made for them. The Volvo dealer got Gladsax to do the work and they lengthen the frame and mounted a cabin with a bench for three persons. The 28:th of march in 1962 the car was delivered to Osby Power station with a 2-way radio for communication. When at the Power station, the car always was parked in a garage due to all the equipment loaded on the bed. On the bed there also was an equipment for mounting a light mast. Sometime in the 60;s the pickup had a gearbox brakedown. When mounting a new one, the engine was replaced with a Perkin diesel engine. Unfortunately it didn't run to well. For starting the engine, two 6-volt batteries were needed. Then there was another 6-volt battery running the rest of the electric system. At this time the car mostly was driven by Einar Svensson.

When the State Car testing center was introduced the pickup failed to get through. It was to heavy. Osby Power station than through the sofa out and replaced it with two separate seats and the gas tank was filled with only 3 litres. This time it got through. There was a sister car to the Osby-pickup at Osby Vattenverk. This one however had a normal cabin. In 1972 the Osby-pickup was sold in favor for a Hanomag Diesel and in the same time the engine was replaced with a B 16 A-engine for normal gas. Rosanders Bilskrot in Hjärsås drove the car until -76 when Bertil Björk, living in Kristianstad, bought it. He never drove it and in -89 he sold it in pieces to Frank Soukup in Hamburg. He began a restoration and then sold it to Sven Wahls.

On the back of the roof you can see the air out take for good ventilation in the cabin. Also note the out take in the sofa to reach the handbrake handle. Congratulations to a superb restoration!

Read more about the restoration in the swedish Volvo PV-club members magazine #2 2006.

Published 2004-05-05

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