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p210lb23(1).jpg p210lb23(2).jpg p210lb23(4).jpg p210lb23(3).jpg P 21114 A 1961 Jonsson & Söner

A chassis that is lengthen approximely 25 inches! A funny detail is the split window. A P 21114 A chassis came with a preparation for non-split front window. This car was bought by the present owner in 1977 then stood for twenty years before the restoration began. The front axle was broken, the frame was bent, the wooden platform was beyond recognition and the engine had sang its last song. Some parts for mopeds were trade for a B 16 engine in good condition. The outer roof is made in a thick cloth. Very hard to get good looking. The cabin is coated in aluminium and the wood is ash.
In june 6:th 2002 the vehicle was cleared for the roads by the authorities. The pickup made a hugh success where ever it went that summer!
Jonsson & Söner in Brunflo outside Östersund in Sweden is believed to have made three more pickups, this one though is said to be the only lengthen one. One of the other chassis is put away in a barn awaiting restoration.

Published 2002-12-21

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