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P 21114 A 1960/61 Klippan p210lb3(2).jpg p210lb3(1).jpg

Another pickup with a nice look. This one was restored through the years 1994 - 97 and is equipped with a B 20 motor. The restoration was thorough and led to separation of the cabin from the frame.
Changes made on the PV 444 and 544 was carried through on the duett some time later. Some of the deliverychassis got the changes even later on. So there's no knowledge of what really was put on the chassis when they left the factory. Sometimes even though a new part was introduced on the deliverychassi, a late part could be mounted. The rule seemed to be " you mount what you've got ". This way Volvo got rid of parts held in stock. Whether the 5-ribbed grille on this truck is original or not is covered in mist. Nice though!

Published 2002-02-14

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