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p210lb9(1).jpg p210lb9(3).jpg p210lb9(4).jpg p210lb9(5).jpg p210lb9(6).jpg p210lb9(2).jpg P 21114 A 1962 Grip

A great chassis with a GRIP-cabin! The starting-point was a chassis that had been left on a field. After one year of day and night efforts the car won first price in the Volvo PV-class at the Volvo meeting at Mantorp in 1992. Among the hardship during the restoration the replacement of the torpedowall is worth its own chapter. When the original torpedowall was very bad it was replaced with a wall from a PV 544. When it all was done and painted it showed that the windshield list didn't fit! The upper part of the wall had some differences according to the duett. Nothing to do but cut the part away and replace it with a part from a duett and repaint. Then it showed that the holes for the pedals were to narrow to fit the duett pedals. Nothing to do but cut and make it right and repaint again. A fantastic job done by Jan Bäcksröm and Anders Wahlund restoring this vehicle! It is said that the chassis is for sale in Hamburg for 29500 Euro...

Read more about the restoration in the members magazine PV-Entusiasten number 1 -93 published by the Swedish Volvo PV-club.

Published 2002-02-14

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