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p445cab15(1).jpg p445cab15(2).jpg P 445 B 1951

This convertible is home made. The chassis was bought from Liljas Bil AB in Borgholm, Sweden and the trip home from the store went on small gravel roads, sitting on a stool. The first owner built the car under a period of 1½ year in his fathers garage. The back hatch is from a 1938 Buick and the back fenders are fetched from Opel Kapitän 1951.
Through the years the car passed a few owners and somewhere along it was cut up. In 1970 a new owner started a reconstruction and had built a new chassis when he sold it in the late 80;s. The present owner is a serious PV enthusiast and the convertible is awaiting its second life on the roads.

Information about this chassis is collected from the members magazine PV-entusiasten of the swedish Volvo PV-club. Read about more details according this car in issue #4 1988.
Published 2005-02-08

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