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p445cab2(6).jpg p445cab2(7).jpg p445cab2(2).jpg p445cab2(1).jpg p445cab2(5).jpg p445cab2(3).jpg p445cab2(4).jpg P 445 C 1953 Ringborg

This convertible was in very bad shape before total rebuilt in Sweden. When the present owner bought it, it was shipped from Gothenburg to Ghent, not without mishappes though. Some glasses were broken and the body had got some damage. Everything was luckely covered by the insurance. He has owned several PV:s through the years: two 544 -61, two 444 -47, a 444 -55, a 444 E, a 444 L and of course the 445 -53 convertible. Still in his possesion is the cabriolet, one 444 -47 with serial number 250 and the 444 E which he is second owner to. Another 445 cabriolet in perfect condition!

Published 2001-05-24

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