© Shown with permission from Norrlands Motorhistoriker och Sundsvalls Motorveteraner

P 445 C 1954 Kabo

First owner of this hearse was cemetry administrator Bertil Åberg in Umeå. He drove the car for five years and then sold it to Byske Flower shop. It wasn't unsual for flower shops during this period to own a hearse. In 1968 Tornedalen caretaker bought the hearse from a local car dealer and in 1971 the paint shop named Frasses Färg AB took over the car. As can be seen, sometime before the picture was taken, the front was replaced with a later one. Note the joint in the most rear verticle beam. That joint was used as base when removing the roof on the other Kabo hearse published at this site.

Published 2005-03-25

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