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p445kat5(3).jpg p445kat5(2).jpg p445kat5(1).jpg P 445 B 1954 Bil & Traktor i Boden

This hearse was ordered in 1953 by Överluleå kyrkoförvaltning in Boden. The chassis was brought to Bil & Traktor in Boden where it had its bodywork done. The chassis had been manufactured by Volvo already in 1952. The coachbuilding most likely was performed by Rune Björklund and his cousin Ludde Björklund. According to Bill Finnson, manager of the stock at Bil & Traktor in Boden, one or two more PV 445 were built during the period 1950 - 54.

Information about this chassis is taken from the club members magazine PV-entusiasten nr. 4 -94.

Published 2002-11-29

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