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p445kat8(3).jpg p445kat8(4).jpg p445kat8(1).jpg p445kat8(2).jpg P 445 C 1956 Sala

This chassis is not an original built pickup. The cabin is a part of a former hearse. The original hearse was just going to be pressed at a junkyard when a passing auto repair man got the offer to buy it. He was not interested in the car but thought it was in to good shape to be put away. He than cut the front part away and stored it in a barn. When he some years later got hold of a duett chassis he mounted the cabin and a metal box for goods in the rear of the chassis. He then sold the car. Through the years it got a wooden stakebed. This chassis was earlier placed under Valbo but is a Sala according to present owner. It has however not yet been verified with an id-plate, but regarding that the cabin has a ventilation window it could very well be the fact.

Published 2002-03-02

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