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p445kat9(4).jpg p445kat9(2).jpg p445kat9(3).jpg p445kat9(1).jpg P 445 D 1956 Karlaverken

The change from the C- to the D-seriel in the production of commercial chassis is an approximately estimate. However, this chassis is only a few numbers away from the brake to the G-seriel where there's no doubt about what number belongs to what seriel. At least not at this state. The hearse was for sale at the day of picturing so what the plans are regarding possible restoration is not known. The chassis was delivered to the village of Emmaboda in Sweden and stayed there until today. Nice to see that the rare grille from -56 still is mounted. Thanks to Dan Jansson for sharing the whereabout of the pictures.

Published 2004-08-25

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