© Kjell R Jansson

p445lb16(1).jpg P 445 D 1954 Åtvidaberg

Another beatifully red pickup. Nice shape of the cabin. On this car there's a decorationlist among the hood which shouldn't be mounted on a commercial chassis. Allthough, on these cars there's seldom rights or wrongs. The design of the cabin strongly reminds of the production of cabins for the bigger trucks produced at Åtvidaberg. There's no identification plate mounted but the person who did the restoration remembers a plate approxamily 8 cm wide that got lost during the restoration. The messure accords to the plates mounted in the bigger trucks. At this moment there's no proof that Åtvidaberg ever produced cabins fot the Volvo PV 445 commercial chassis. Arkives has been searched and personal interviews has been conducted without result. However, if it turns out that there were cabins built for the PV chassis, this one should be a strong candidate for the Åtvidaberg cabins line up.

Published 2000-03-04

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