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p445lb65(5).jpg p445lb65(6).jpg p445lb20(1).jpg p445lb20(2).jpg p445lb20(4).jpg p445lb20(3).jpg P 44511 M 1959 Kabo

This chassis was ordered by Volvo in Vilhemina, Sweden and was sold as pickup in 1959 to Kjell Huss. It was used in his firm until 1966 when it was sold to the company Sven-Johan Johnsson Värme. Sven-Johan bought a rebuilt Volvo Duett with stakebed in the late sixties and therefore sold the KABO to Walter Kvist AB who ran the BP-station in Vilhelmina. In the care of Walter Kvist the car was partly restored and was used as a company car 'til 1974 when it was sold to Ringcentralen in Vilhelmina. Ringcentralen used the car until 1990 when it was sold to Larry Schön who did a complete restoration to perfect original stand. In 1993 Lars-Åke Gisslén bought the pickup and after a while sold it to PV-enthusiast Noeyens Willy. Beside the pickup he owns a PV 544 -64 with a 160 hp engine and a 1964 Duett.

Published 2002-05-26

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