© Rolf Danielsson

p445lb26(4).jpg p445lb26(3).jpg p445lb26(2).jpg p445lb26(1).jpg p445lb26(5).jpg P 44501 1957 Klippan

This restored chassi had in 1958 the colour green and served for the Lantmännen in Trelleborg. When Rolf got hold of it the radiator had a leak and therefore a bucket of water followed the buy. In 1991 the car was torn down for fully restoration. The frame was warm galvanized and new brake cylinders, new brake-shoes and new brake hoses were boughted. New girders, new floor and a new backwall was mounted. The radiator was restored and two new front metalfenders were mounted. A new stakebed was manufactured in Norrland pine. All new wooden parts were soaked in linseed oil and turpentine 20 times with the mixture 50%. The inside of the doors are knifecut birch, like the original. The cabin then was painted in the Volvo colour nr 31, midnight blue. Another nice pickup back on the roads!

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