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p445lb41(3).jpg p445lb41(2).jpg p445lb41(1).jpg p445lb41(4).jpg p445lb41(5).jpg p445lb41(6).jpg P 44511 M 1959 Kambo

The head picture is taken in 1971. The first owner of this chassis was the store Fish and Game at Kirkeveien 57 in Oslo, Norway. When Kåre bought the car, the Volvo book of guarantee came along. It said that the chassis had been delivered the 31:st of september in 1959. Kåre bought the car from the second owner who had bought it in 1966. Since 1977 the car had been situated in a barn and the second owners' son had done some restoration work on it. He however quite soon got tired of it and let it rest. The chassis was complete with the flatbed, the sofa, rooflight, rear lights and all the other stuff which will ease a restoration. With small childern in the family it's hard to get time for the truck so the car is now sold.

Published 2002-11-29

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