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p445lb49(3).jpg p445lb49(2).jpg p445lb49(5).jpg p445lb49(6).jpg p445lb49(1).jpg p445lb49(4).jpg P 44501 1958 Klippan

A nice pickup! The car was first registered on the 13:th of december 1958. The first owner was Andersson & Forsman at Mälartorget 13 in Stockholm. A car repair shop bought the pickup in May 1966. The owner had it 'til the end of his life in the middle of the '90:s. Then some relatives took over and in the summer of 2002 the present owner got hold of it. After the purchase the car got new brakes and new upholstery among other things. A special designed equipment is the platform device for long frieght transportation. The owner let us know that the summer of 2003 was much enjoyable in this Klippan pickup.

Published 2002-10-02

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