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p445lb6(3).jpg p445lb6(4).jpg p445lb6(2).jpg p445lb6(1).jpg p445lb6(5).jpg P 44501 1957 Floby

Smooth! Notice the 4-ribbed grille that has replaced the original 5-ribbed. There's also a B 18 engine and a 12 volt system mounted.
When Tommy got hold of this car through an auction the car was in a very bad condition. Tommy and his dad Ingemar though thought it was a great object for a tractor. At this time in Sweden, you could drive a tractor at the age of 16 and a car at the age of 18. This led to the rebuilding of many old cars to tractors. When Tommy was about to turn 18 the tractor could be converted and registered as car again.
Now a furiuos restoration took place. Everything from the frame and up had turn to rust and the wooden details were rotten. Lots and lots of metal- and woodenpieces has been replaced. There was no stakebed left so father and son decided to build their own stepside platform. The rear fenders are made of PV front fenders wich are cut in the middle and welded together. After having done all the work on the body, straighten it up, it was time for colouring. It was painted in a vanilla yellow paint found on a 1934 Ford Roadster. The rims from a Mercedes are 14" turned inside out and the rear rims are broadend 8".

Published 2001-05-14

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