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p445lb62(3).jpg p445lb62(1).jpg p445lb62(2).jpg P 445 C 1952 Karlaverken

A previous owner of this pickup was somewhat lucky when he found it. Only a minute after that he had arrived, a clerk hired by an estate turned up. He had been ordered to look the car over 'cause the estate wanted to get rid of it. The vintage car hiker made an offer and got the car given he moved it from the spot as soon as possible. This pickup has the original rear fenders still mounted. The design with a short stakebed went through the first part of the '50:s. When deciding to build a longer stakebed it seems as if the Karlaverken coachbuilder also let the threshold be the original one mounted from the Volvo factory. On this car you can see the door go all the the way down with a low threshold for easy stepping in and out.

Published 2003-07-27

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