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p445lb67(2).jpg p445lb67(6).jpg p445lb67(8).jpg p445lb67(9).jpg p445lb67(1).jpg P 44501 1957 Sölvesborg

The first owner of this lengthen vehicle drove the naked chassis himself from the railwaystation to the coachbuilder. Ingvar Nylin worked as a plummer for the company who had ordered the chassis. In 1969 he took over the plumming buisness and kept the car 'til -79. When long tubes were transported they were put on the right side, passing the passengers door, to end up leaning on a support mounted in the front. Passengers than had to get in the cabin through the drivers seat. At one point the metal front fenders were replaced by plastic ones. It was than that the mirrors mounted on the front fenders were replaced by the ones now mounted on the doors. The plastic fenders later were replaced by metal ones.
When the present owner got hold of the car it was painted black and had been eye catcher for a company celibrating a jubilee. The car is now running in its original stand painted in original bluegreen colour. Note the original locks on the stakebed that differs somewhat from the more usual ones with hookes. On the upper inner corner of the door you can see the identification plate that tells that the car is made by Sölvesborg.
It is supposed that four pickups were produced by Sölvesborg. The first one, built in the early 50:s, is put out of register. One is supposed to have been driven by a delivery company. The destiny of that vehicle and the fourth one is unknown. However, Björn Nilsson is seeking the history of these vehicles so stayed tuned!

Read more about this car in the swedish Volvo PV club members magazine #4 2006.

Published 2002-12-12

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