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p445lb7(11).jpg p445lb7(14).jpg p445lb7(13).jpg p445lb7(4).jpg p445lb7(9).jpg p445lb7(7).jpg p445lb7(8).jpg P 445 C 1954 Floda

On the road at last! The cabin has been painted in the colour SJ-grey, the type of grey that was put on vehicles from Sweden State Railroad Company ( Statens Järnvägar ). In 1974 there was a picture taken of the chassis at a Hot Rod meeting. The metal platform allowed a heavier maximum load, 620 kg. The car is also allowed to have wider rear tyres since the early 70:s. This permission has though not been used since the pickup is put back into original stand.

Read more about the restoration of Arthurs Floda in the members magazine nr. 1 2006 of the swedish Volvo PV club.

Published 2001-11-14

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