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p445lb70(1).jpg p445lb70(2).jpg p445lb70(3).jpg p445lb70(4).jpg p445lb70(5).jpg p445lb70(7).jpg P 44501 1957 Klippan

A plate mounted on the backwall tells that this car was delivered by Motorkompaniet Karlshamn. It was sold as new in april 1958. The pickup has been driven only 16000 km since 1973. In spite of this, the present owner is performing a thorough restoration. Some cuts had to be performed to the wooden parts to make them fit better to the shape of the body. The frame will be replaced and all the wooden connections has been taken apart and reglued. The dashboard had at some point been remodelled to fit the steering column better. It has now been resambled to its original state. Good luck with the restoration!

Published 2003-04-01

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