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p445lb83(2).jpg p445lb83(1).jpg p445lb83(3).jpg P 44511 M 1960 Klippan

This chassis was restored already in the '70:s, but has got a paint renewal through the years. The stakebed however is not restored and therefore gives the car a nice used touch. One of the pictures show a registration plate with the text " PV 445 M -59 ". The car though is registered as a 1960 year of make. On the front bumper you can see the two yellow lights that was common in the 70;s through the 80;s in Sweden. There was a law that there must be lights on daytime. The yellow lights are no longer in use, the law now demands dipped headlights instead. Today swedish cars have the dipped headlights automatically switched on when started. Old cars with 6 V elecricity system can be exempted from this law due to the fact that they can have problems producing all the elecricity needed.

Published 2004-07-12

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