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p445lb90(1).jpg P 44501 1957 Klippan

A car with all parts still remaining and where some restoration work has been done. The backwall has got new wood but not yet the metal that's suppose to cover. Also the back window still has to be cut out. Note the -56 grille still mounted on the front at the left of the cabin. If you look at other cars in this seriel 44501 published at this site you'll notice that they are equipped with these three different grilles: The older ribgrille, the -56 grille and the later grille with the golden V mounted. Of course there could have been replacements through the years but it's not impossible that they all were mounted at the Volvo factory. 1957 was a year of changing, old stocks had to be used 'cause new ones were coming in.
Notice the two brand new fenders in front of the cabin. Will be great to mount them when the restoration has come so far. This vehicle was first driven in Hallstahammar, Sweden.

Published 2004-11-08

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