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p445sb10(5).jpg p445sb10(4).jpg p445sb10(3).jpg p445sb10(2).jpg p445sb10(1).jpg P 445 C 1952 Valbo

A nice Valbo bodied chassis! This body is quite bigger inside than the duett. On this vehicle the A-model bumper is mounted. In 1950 a new bumper was introduced on the PV 444 B sedan. The old A-model bumper was mounted as late as 1953 on some commercial chassis. This way Volvo got rid of the A-model bumper stock. When Ulf stumbled over this stationwagon it had been a home for chickens! The frame was no more. It took 3 years to restore the car to the perfekt stand it is in now. When you see the starting-point and the finished result, you can only admirer all the effort Ulf put in to it. Chairs were found at another restorer that had two settings. At first the body was built on a 210-frame but it showed to be a bit wrong. The hold for the steering didn't match. Ulf therefore took half a 445-frame, cut the 210-frame and welded the new framepart in place. Nice work!

Read more about the restoration in the Swedish Volvo PV-club members magazine #3 2006.

Published 2001-11-21

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