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p445sb20(1).jpg p445sb20(2).jpg p445sb20(5).jpg p445sb20(3).jpg p445sb20(4).jpg P 445 C 1953 Valbo

A chassis in need of tender care. The car was first registered in 1953 by the firedepartment of the city Sala in Sweden. As a vehicle in the duty of the city it was freed from taxes. In 1968 the Valbo stationwagon was purchased by chimney-sweeper Arne Linder in Möklinta. He bought it from Sala motorcentrum who had had it in the showroom for a month. In 1971 the vehicle was taken out of registration. One of the pictures shows the car with a loudspeaker on the roof. This speaker was removed and replaced with the rotating light that can be seen on a later picture.
The car is today being restored for a museum. Will be nice to see it in its original stand again!

Published 2002-03-12

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