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p445sb43(1).jpg p445sb43(2).jpg p445sb43(3).jpg P 445 B 1951 JIGE

Note the windshield center pole. It isn't the usual one with a removable metal strip between the two halfs. Instead it is an integrated metal profile going from the lower to the upper part dividing the glass. Compare the design of this van with the one under JIGE karosseri AB. Except that one has two separate backdoors while the other has one only there's a difference in the upper part of the frontdoors. The one pictured above has a smoother rounding.
Göran tells us that the car was fetched as new at Volvo in Åmål, Sweden. It was at the time painted black. The car was used as a company car at Billeruds AB where Görans father worked consulting fishing matters. After having accidentally driven off the road and put the car on the side out on a field, the car was repainted in " Billerud grey ". The cause of the accident was, according to Görans father, that the differential had locked in a curve down the road. When travelling, Göran had to sit on a cushion between his brothers in the middle of the two seats in the back. In 1956 the family traded the car for a new Volvo duett. New owner became well-borer Nils Johansson who only used the car for a year. Next owner was Albert Flöisbon in Årjäng. In 1961 the car came in the possession of Tage Andersson, the owner of The Moped Store in Gothenburg. In 1962 the stationwagon was put out of register.

Published 2003-12-01

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