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P 445 B 1950 Grip

The text on the side of the body says " Volvo traktorservice ", " Tractor service for Volvo " in english. Notice that the windshield wipers are pointing in opposite directions, a solution you find on the early models. In the beginning of March 1951 the car was registered at Volvo Gothenburg and in the turnover from november to december the same year the car was sold to AB Eskilstuna Bilkompani in Eskilstuna. They had the car until 1958 when Sörmländska Lantmännens Centralförening in Nyköping took over. In 1960 Grauers Bil AB in Södertälje became owner of the delivery van and they put it out of register in 1963.

Published 2003-12-27

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