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This estate wagon built by Valbo probarly was grey from start. The colour can be found where the side indikators were mounted on the door pole. The blue colour that has been put on later, seems to have been combined with a white colour over the roof. However, the white colour is painted on top of the blue one, so it can have been put on later. The white paint doesn't appear where the indikator has been. The black colour in which the chassis was delivered from Volvo, can be found on the inside of the glove department hatch. The blue colour on the dashboard, that corresponds with the colour outside, must have been put there later. So, from the start, this car should have been grey with red upholstery and black dashboard. The windshield wipers, that has been mounted above the front window, and the back sofa together with the back doors are put away in a barn. The chassis identification plate is lost so it can't be placed in the right coloumn, but it shouldn't be newer than -53.

Published 2006-12-11

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