© Lennart Ceder

p445sb58(1).jpg P 445 JIGE

Is this the same car that is presented under JIGE karosseri AB? In front of the windshield, there's a loose sunshield. It looks the same as the one mounted on the car published under JIGE karosserifabrik. It seems as if the backdoor handle is put upwards for opening, not an unsual solution for the time. The two black things mounted on each side of the backdoors might be tail lights. It also can be door stoppers, preventing the doors from going all the way, hitting the corners. But wouldn't it than be marks on the doors? Who knows? Unfortunaly there's no more data according to the car so any similarity to other JIGE produced cars has to be speculations. Thanks to Lennart Ceder for the pictures.

Published 2004-12-05

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