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p445sb8(10).jpg p445sb8(9).jpg p445sb8(13).jpg p445sb8(6).jpg p445sb8(8).jpg p445sb8(7).jpg p445sb8(1).jpg p445sb8(11).jpg p445sb8(14).jpg P 44501 1959 Grip

This ambulance was delivered to SSAB Grängesberg Blötberget mine in Grängesberg and made duty as an ambulance from 1959 to 1977. Later on, all the the nursing equipment was removed and the car was used for other purposes in the mine. The company owned the car until 1989 and the present owner got hold of it in 1998. He than performed a thorough restoration that took six years and 1000 hours to finish.
In the wall separating the driver from the patient there's a hole in the bottom for the nurse to put her feet. The flashing light in the middle of the roof is added later but will remain. Also note the tube running through the drivers cabin to support the back facilities with heat. The frame is lengthen 25 cm in the middle and approximally 15 cm behind the rear axle. A perfect restoration and a nice vehicle representing the handycraft from past!

Published 2002-01-12

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