carbrasa(1).jpgVolvo in Brasil, Volvo do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro, ordered a serial of estate wagons from the coachbuilder Carbrasa in Rio de Janeiro. The cars were built on the deliverchassis through the years 1957 - 58. The brasilian estate wagon clearly was inspired by the american way of design. The way the rear hatch was devided horisontally beeing one of the american design ideas.

The company was owned by Mr. Souza Ramos and they also manufactured buses with Volvo engines. Later on they moved to Sao Paulo where they in the '80:s manufactured pickups with Ford components. The company also changed its name to Souza Ramos.

The information about Carbrasa is given by Sergio R. Augusto, president of the brazilian Volvo club, the Volvo Auto Clube Brasil. Many thanks mr Sergio R. Augusto.

Published 2002-05-11