gladsax(3).gifThe company was founded by the Albert and August Andersson brothers. They started in 1909 in a blacksmith in the village Gladsax, half a swedish mile outside Simrishamn. In the beginning they built and did repairs on all sorts of horsedriven vehicles. The brothers also owned a small firm of haulage. The car took over more and more through the time and the two brothers changed their production. They started coachbuilding. gladsax(4).jpgEverything was done at the factory, from carving to painting. Lasse, whose grandfather started the buisness, tells that they built the best cabins ever made. Namely they used beech instead of birch.. The Gladsax-cabin became a well known name among swedish truckdrivers.

In 1914 the company had grown out of the original localities. gladsax2(b).jpgThe brothers built a new woodenhouse that hold both the shop and the livingpart. In 1950 the three sons of Albert, Tage, Birger and Kjell, took over. In the middle of the'60:s the making of cabins ended. The big manufacturers now built their own cabins in steel. The company, that still exists, makes additions to trucks suchs as cranes, stakebeds and so on. Lasse is one of the employed since the company was sold in the '80:s.

Länk till Gladsaxflak hemsida.Link to the company.

Published 2001-01-23