Guno in Runtuna

In 1948 Gustav Nordin in Runtuna outside Nyköping started his company named GUNO Karosseri & Motorverkstad. He had earlier been working at a company in the neighberhood that also did coachbuilding. Gustavs fresh company did cabins for trucks at the start. One of his more important customers was Volvo. Several hundreds of cabins were built for Volvo on their chassis. The cabins had a wooden frame with metal sheats put on.

In 1952 the first car was built on a PV 445-chassis. Read more about this first car here. A total of three vans were built at GUNO, one for Gustav himself in wich he did some holiday travelling. The car was equipped with a second door on the right side for easy in & out-stepping. It was driven for ten years before the scrapyard got it. The third car manufactured had whole metal sides instead of windows. A special frame was made on wich the roof top was manufactured. The rear fenders were cut down PV 444-fenders. All the cars were built on a wooden frame made of ash.

In 1953 or -54 Gustav Nordin stopped manufacturing bodyworks. He couldn't cope with the industrial manufacturing of cabins in all metal. Instead GUNO became a car repair shop. As a garage GUNO, among other things, modified PV 444 with larger rear windows and whole windshields. In 1972 Gustav Nordins' wifes nephiew Kurt Ceder took over the buisness and still runs it.

Information about GUNO is taken from an article written by Dan Jansson in the paper PV-entusiasten and from Kurt Ceder.

Published 2001-10-10