The coachbuilder Kvalitékaross was situated in Böcklinge not far west of Eskilstuna, Sweden. The company started in 1946 by Oscar Pettersson and his nephew Evert Pettersson. Evert, who was a scilled carpenter, had earlier been working for the coachbuilder in Katrineholm and now brought his knowledge in to the new buisness. The main production were bodies for commercial vehicles like lorries and buses. Through the years bodies were mainly built on Chevrolet, Mercedes and Volvo. Among the more important customers were Fonus, Skogaholms bröd and Svalbotrafiken. In a fire in August 1973 much of the company documentation were destroyed and in 1992 Kvalitékaross went bakrupt. It is said that the company just had made a costly extension just when a country wide financial crises hit. It is also said that the coachbuilders made such good work that when a truck got old and ready for replacement, the owner simply moved the coachbuilded body over to the new truck.

Published 2009-01-25