Yngve Nilssons Karosserifabrik AB

The founder of the company, Yngve Nilsson, came from a family of craftsman tradition. He left the family at the age of 14 to learn the skill of coachbuilding in southern Sweden. After doing his period of apprenticeship he founded Yngve Nilssons Karosserifabrik AB in october 1945. He and two employed started to build fire trucks, shop buses, stakebeds, lengthen cabs and delivery vans. During the 50;s the company grow and now had a staff of 10 employed. They started to build hearses and the assignments to build lengthen cabs increased. In the beginning of the 60;s the company started to build ambulances on the Volvo P 220.

They who run a coachbuilding movement in Sweden will for sure someday build on a Volvo. The first assignment from Volvo came in 1966. They wanted a lentghen Volvo P 120 for cab use. The car was a one-off, lengthen 10 cm. After that it was a natural step to build hearses and ambulances on the Volvo P 220 and the duett. During this period of the 60;s, the company also made the wall between the driver and passenger in Volvo 144 cabs.

Information about the company Yngve Nilssons Karosserifabrik AB is fetched from the site Nilsson Special Vehicles and from the book Bilfabriken with ISBN nr. 91-631-6761-1. The book tells the story of the company and shows many nice pictures. It can be ordered through Nilsson Special Vehicleshomesite. Thanks to Fredrik Nilsson for sharing pictures and information. Thanks also to Dan Jansson who informed about the book being released.

Published 2005-11-22