Tranås Wagnfabrik

tranas(4).jpg In the beginning of the 20:th century the two brothers Edvard and Ebert Levander in Tranås started the coachbuilding factory Tranås Wagnfabrik. At the start they built horse wagons and assembled FORD cars that came in big boxes from America. In the 20:s the factory got famous due to the production of buses. Cabins for lorries, vans, firetrucks and some other minor construction also were made. The rebuilding of cabins for firetrucks were the main occupation later on. There was never any significant coachbuilding on the Volvo delivery chassis.

In the 50:s the two brothers Artur and Erik Levander overtook the buisness. In 1948 the company delivered a big bus. In the local paper Tranås Tidning you could read:
" The biggest bus ever made at Tranås Wagnfabrik was delivered a few days ago to a bus company in Borås. /.../ Along the bus comes a trailer with 26 seats so all together the bus will be able to bring over a hundred people. " tranas(1).jpg
The factory still exist and are now only manufacturing cabins for lorries and some additional stories.

A big thanks to Ingegerd Levander and Sten Jaginder who has contributed with text and pictures.

Published 2002-06-12