Vellinge karosserifabrik

vellingelogo1.jpgVellinge karosserifabrik, or Vellinge Vagn- och karossverkstad as the buisness actually was named, started in 1933 in Vellinge south of Malmö, Sweden. In 1946, when Sjöö owned the factory, they started to build firetrucks. In 1948 the new factory, that still remains, was built. Through the years there were several additional buildings built to the basic building. During the 50:s pickups were manufactured on the PV 445 chassis for Väg & Vatten. Else the main products were bigger trucks. In 1964 the buisness was sold to Per-Olof Eriksson and his father. At that time they had the office in Stockholm but soon Per-Olof moved to Vellinge to run the buisness at place. In 1975 the company was sold to Henrikssons Brandredskap which went bankrupt in year 2000. Autokaross in Floby bought the remainings. The picture is showing the logotype on the door of a body made at the factory. The chassis is a Willys CJ-3B.

Information about Vellinge karosserifabrik is given by Per-Olof Eriksson. The picture is taken from the book " The Jeep in Sweden ".

Published 2001-08-21