The Volvo PV 445 commercial chassis was a request from customers who had seen the new PV 444 sedan. Since former Volvo cars were built on a chassis there was a market for pickup trucks, vans and cabriolets built on these chassis. Now a similar request was raised on the PV 444. The car though was not built on a chassis, it had a self-supporting body. Therefore a separate chassis was manufactured, the PV 445-chassis. chassi(4).jpg The chassis was delivered in running condition with bodywork done from the front to the dashboard. From there on the coachbuilder built the rest of the bodywork. Sometimes Volvo-parts were used that didn't came along the chassis, for example doors. Many cabins for the pickup trucks were built very short to maximize the surface for the cargo. In the spring of 1952 Volvo had a stock of 1500 chassis. The company decided to use the chassis to build a stationwagon of their own, the duett. The first model was released in 4:th of june 1953. From there on the commercial chassis were of less interest for the market of delivery vans and pickups. Now people wanted the duett, the car that was " two in one ". The last commercial chassis was manufactured in 1962. The completed chassis with bodywork and all got it's yearmodel from the day it was registred for traffic. Therefore some chassis will overlap eachother regarding the year of make.

P 445 A1949 - 50
P 445 B 1950 - 52
P 445 C 1952 - 53
P 445 D 1953 - 56
P 445 G 1956 - 57
P 445 L 1957
P 44501 1957 - 58
P 44511 M 1958 - 60
P 21114 A 1960 - 62

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