Volvo Other manufacturers Car events

Svenska Volvo PV-klubben - For the PV freak
Volvo Auto Clube Brasil - Brasilian Volvo Club
Volvo Adventures - Be a member of this world wide Volvo Club
G. Blomkvist - Pictures of duetts
Guy Vermant - Visit his store with both old and new Volvocars
PV-pickup - Pictures of a restoration of a PV pickup
VolvoLand - Nice duettpictures
Per Thyrén - Many Volvo classics for sale
Arne Granfoss - Swedish car manufactuerers through the years
The Volvo PV register - Gathering all Volvo PV:s by their chassis number
Club Volvo Chile - A nice club with both old and new Volvos
Volvoniacs - The virtual Volvo club from Hamburg
Suomen Volvokerho - Finish Volvo club
Swedespeed - Virtual Volvo club that cover the most about Volvo
Volvo Owners Club - All Volvo models


Pickups - Pickups from past to present
Hudson - Swedish Hudsonclub
Old Woodies - My favorites after PV commercial chassis!!
Ola By Bärgning AB - Many old Swedish policecars
American Trucks - Lots of pictures of american trucks - Shows pickup trucks from past to present
Dutch Numberplate Archives - Numberplates from all over the world
Site of Thomas Hasselberg - Tow related

Car events

VROM - The big Volvo meet in Gothenburg
Vallåkraträffen - For european cars but mostly Volvo
Ennstal Classic - Classic cars, classic drivers
Back to the '50:s - Mostly rods
Gärdesloppet - Race on Gärdet, Stockholm
Bonneville - The saltdessert where speedrecords are pushed
La Carrera Panamericana - Classic rally in Mexico
Dalsland Tour - Not a car meet but could be a gathering for all you curve lovers

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