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p445sb41(2).jpg p445sb41(1).jpg p445sb41(3).jpg P 44511 M 1959 Grip

This ambulance was delivered to the hospital in Torsby, Sweden, in july the 2:nd 1959. As a remark in the registration papers following options were chooseable according to passengeres:
1 sitting + 2 laying down
2 sitting + 1 laying down
It is also mentioned that the emergency horn is in order.

The special with this car isn't the length 4,80 meter but the engine. The ambulance was already, together with this one, from start eqiuipped with the special sport engine B 16B with 85 horsepower. Originally this model only got the more common B 16A with 60 horsepower.

Read more about this ambulance in the swedish Volvo PV club members magazine PV-Entusiasten #1 2010.

Published 2003-07-29

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