© G. Ambell

p445lb120(3).jpg p445lb120(1).jpg p445lb120(4).jpg p445lb120(2).jpg P 445 D 1955 Valbo

The first owner of this pickup was the Swedish Road Company and there after it was owned by a few private persons. The stakebed is typical Karlaverken but the doors are broader. It can be that the Royal Road and Water authority (Kungliga Väg- och vattenbyggnadsstyrelsen) had guidlines for how their trucks would look like regardless who did the coachwork, 'cause this pickup is very similar to the ones from Karlaverken. Although this pickup lacks the plaque telling it is a Valbo, it should be no doubt comparing with other Valbo pickups on this site. Thanks to Arthur Maandag for sharing the information about the cars' whereabout. Thanks to Kåre Leth for pictures.

Published 2007-05-18

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