© Alvaro Manoel Heber Santos de Araujo

p445lb130(2).jpg p445lb130(3).jpg p445lb130(1).jpg P 445 1956 Floda

An odd bird. In 1956 the non split windshield had not yet been presented to the Volvo PV family. Still this Floda built pickup is equipped with such a window. Research is performed to find out whether this is an original design or if it's a later rebuilding. Volvo exported some chassis to Brazil, the home country of this car, but this one seems to be one of the already built that were imported. Floda is the only yet known coachbuilding company from Sweden with the PV 445 chassis on the conveyor belt that has exported its products to South America. The design of this car, except the windshield, is a typical Floda design. Note the lack of heating controls at the far left on the dashboard. Instead there's a plate covering the hole.

Published 2007-12-17

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