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p445lb172(2).jpg p445lb172(1).jpg P 445 B 1951 Gladsax

It has been discussed whether this really is a Gladsax since it ran in Piteå in northern Sweden for many years. Bosta coachbuilder seems to have manufactured a delivery van that very much looks like a Gladsax with their characteristic way of putting the already made body on to the existing torpedo wall. This instead of continue building, that so many others coachbuilders did, from the existing A pollars. Is it so that the cabin on the picture above is built by Bosta in the village of Gnarp between Hudiksvall and Sundsvall in the northern part of Sweden, much closer to Piteå than Gladsax way down in the very south of the country? Not likely. The naked chassis was delivered to the town of Osby 11 swedish miles from Gladsax in Skåne, the most south county of Sweden. So the most likely is that the chassis got a body from Gladsax, an early model of the ones to come thru the years. This one seems to undergoing a restoration that's long gone. Will be nice to see it on the roads in a near future.

Published 2013-11-22

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