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p445lb91(3).jpg p445lb91(2).jpg p445lb91(1).jpg P 445 B 1951

This chassis was registered in Norrköping, Sweden and then it was driven many years in that town. If the cabin is built by Ringborg in Norrköping can not be settled for sure, the design is far from any known Ringborg. The back window design can be found on cars from Sala and Valbo, the doors look like the ones from KABO. If you have any suggestion of who may have built this cabin, please send an e-mail. Under and over the back window you can see the marks from previous mounted window bars. On the main picture you can clearly see the beam in the rear part of the frame where to put the spare tire. The light blue rim doesn't seem to be a Volvo original rim. There has to be some work put in to this chassis to get it rolling but it's not too far away.
Published 2005-02-12

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