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p445lb97(2).jpg p445lb97(3).jpg p445lb97(5).jpg p445lb97(1).jpg p445lb97(4).jpg P 44511 M 1960 Karlaverken

At the moment the car is still due to an electric malfunction, otherwise it is driven daily. For about 10 years ago the car was restored which ment a 12 volt electrical system, new bed and new colour. The chrome list on the door, a part of an ordinary Volvo PV list, is put on later. Lists on the hood and on the side of the torpedo wall was never mounted when the chassis left the Volvo factory. They're put on by the independent coachbuilder. In one of the pictures the id badge from Karlaverken is circled in red. The maximum load is set to 490 kg. Keep this chassis rolling!

Published 2006-01-18

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