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p445lb98(2).jpg p445lb98(3).jpg p445lb98(5).jpg P 44501 1957 Valbo

A chassis that was restored in the 80;s. On this car there are some extra equippment such as a searchlight, an extra light in the middle of the front bumper and a radio. The thresholds are lower than the original ones mounted when the chassis left Volvo. The doors have a ventilation window which puzzles somewhat. One of the characteristic design solutions that separates Valbo from Sala built cabins has, this far, been the lack of a ventilation window on the Valbo. Some details are not original, for example the bed and the position lights that should be on the inner of the front fenders. On one of the pictures the id badge from Valbo is circled in yellow. This pickup is driven only in the summer. Keep your eyes open in the summertime!

Read more about the car in the swedish Volvo PV club members magazine PV-Entusiasten #3 2009.

Published 2006-01-22

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